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We are now offering stunning deals on the remaining stocks of Sfarzo Strings


Sfarzo Hand Made Hand Wound Guitar Strings

We're now using these strings ourselves - and along with our customers have really noticed a difference in Tone and Sustain over the Big Brand Strings. Exciting!

Sfarzo SFT Screamers – Electric

Sfarzo SFT Screamers are formulated for guitarists who want a string with consistent tonal quality, high output and increased sustain. These strings incorporate the finest USA metal alloy available.


V String – Electric

V is for Vintage, strings the way they used to be made, to give you the tones you have been searching for.V Strings feature a high Nickle content and wrap to core ratio giving them incredible feel, flexibility and unbelievable tone. Hand wrapped, individually hand checked and designed for the modern guitarist who wants that vintage tone, maximum output, harmonic response and ultimate flexibility.

V String – Acoustic

85/15 Phosphor Bronze mix and a special wrap to core formula, combined with Vintage manufacturing techniques provide unique, consistent, phenomenal tones. Designed for the modern guitarist searching for that vintage tone, who demands maximum output, harmonic response and ultimate flexibility.

 Also Nicola branded Banjo, Mandolin. Ukulele & Acoustic Strings



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