We Now Stock PRS Guitars

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PRS have been producing some of the worlds finest guitars for 30 years and we thought it was about time we started selling them.

We've started out with the SE range which offer quite frankly stunning value for money selecting a cross section from solid colours to those wonderful translucent finishes.  Prices start at only £399.

PRS are renowned for quality, playability and sound (as well as looks!) and the SE range is no different.  Whether you're after your first quality guitar (that you won't have to trade up as you progress), a gigging workhorse or another guitar for the collection - they're a must try.

Neck design is also one of PRS' strong points - the shapes are some of the most comfortable around.  Just pick one up and you'll be converted.

To see the guitars we have in stock / on order - click this link.

Even Calderdale library likes them!!

PRS in Calderdale

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