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Cole Clark Acoustic Guitars Are Here!

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 “Made different to sound different”

 Cole Clark Headstock

GuitarZone are proud to announce that we are about to become one of the few stores in the UK (and the only one in the North of England) to stock the fabulous Cole Clark guitars.  Jack Johnson, Snow Patrol, 5 Seconds of Summer Xavier Rudd Johnny Marr, and Angus and Julia Stone are already converted players.

We've already arranged for their CEO and their brand ambassador - Lloyd Spiegel to come all the way from Australia and join us on Friday 10th April. Give us a ring - don't miss out on what's going to be an awesome evening.

In the meantime, below, we've added lots of info, pictures and a video to help you decide if you can live without one!

Click here to see the guitars we've ordered so far.

Started in 2001, Cole Clark combines classical construction with innovative design and manufacturing techniques to produce a lighter, stronger, unique guitar with a natural amplified sound.

Unique Construction

Cole Clark steel string acoustic guitars are the only mainstream acoustic to use a Spanish heel or integral neck construction. This means the neck is glued to the face along with the sides and the back so the neck is one piece all the way to the sound hole.

On other guitars, the body is made then the neck attached, mostly with a bolt or dove tail join. Due to our method, the sound is unique. Cole Clark also has a carved top and back and uses a ridge system to join the sides to the top and back instead of kerfing.

Natural Pickup

The Cole Clark patented pickup system is the most acoustic sounding pickup available. Aimed at finding a more natural tone when amplified and eliminating piezo ‘quack’, our pickups comprise different elements that only hear certain frequencies which they’re best equipped to handle.

This is done using a combination of 6 loaded piezos under the saddle for bottom end, a face sensor that can be blended in to hear frequencies in the mid to high range (350hz maximum crossover) and a condenser microphone shelved to hear only extreme highs.

Check out the video - saves a thousand words!

Guitar Timbers

Cole Clark guitars are all solid timber using mostly native Australian tone woods that are largely sustainable.

Face Tone Woods

Bunya – is the most popular top on Cole Clark guitars. Eighty five percent of our customers choose Bunya. It is loud with extra clear bass response and balanced trebles. It is eighteen percent stronger than Spruce and sustainable. CCFL1E-BM

                     Bunya top, Queensland Maple back and sides.

Sitka Spruce – this the traditional top timber as used by most manufacturers but is quieter than Bunya and more muffled with a smaller bass response than Bunya.


                        Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides

Tasmanian Blackwood – is a very close cousin to Koa and can vary from dark to light, from plain to wild in its figure. As a top timber, it is stiffer than other tone woods so has slightly less bass response but has complex harmonics in the top end similar to Koa. It is also a fabulous balanced tone wood that you just want to hold and play. It is a sustainable timber.


                       Blackwood top, Blackwood back and sides

Californian Redwood (Australian Grown) – it was planted one hundred years ago outside Melbourne Australia near a town called Ballarat. It is pink in colour and has a nice balanced tone with a bit more brightness than Spruce.FL2ECRDRW-SIDE

                        Redwood top, Rosewood back and sides

Cedar – is quite a soft timber in comparison to other options. It has a rich full tone, though not as loud as Bunya.AN2ECCB-SIDE

                        Cedar top, Blackwood back and sides

Huon Pine – from Tasmania is one of the oldest living things on the planet, and very rare. There are stands at over 10,000 years old. We have a very limited supply of Huon which is reclaimed from lakes flooded in the 70’s. The Huon we use is between 3500 and 4000 years old. It’s a full rich sound with a slightly yellow look.


                        Huon Pine top, Blackwood back and sides

Back and Side Tone Woods

Queensland Maple – This is a very balanced neutral tone wood that many pro muso’s favour for guitars which are being plugged in, it can be compared in tone to Mahogany. Once again, it is a sustainable timber.

Tasmanian Blackwood – as a back and side tone wood it has slightly more low mids than Queensland Maple. This is our most popular timber for back and sides and is sustainable.

Queensland Maple Silkwood – the tone sits in between Tasmanian Blackwood and Rosewood with good defined bottom end. This is a sustainable timber.

Rosewood – has the biggest bass response of all but can sound woolly and lack definition on a larger guitar when amplified.

Cooba – this is another Acacia similar to Blackwood in tone but with a tidier more defined grain.

Cole Clark artists include : Jack Johnson Snow Patrol 5 Seconds of Summer Xavier Rudd Johnny Marr Angus and Julia Stone Zed 

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