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We try to be as accurate as we can with the descriptions of our used stock. If some of the details are thin on the ground, it's because we're not sure of specifications and don't want to mislead anyone. Condition is subjective and we will always try to reflect this in the description. If you cannot come in to see a particular item we recommend that you call us to discuss the it so that we can be more specific about any dings and dents etc.

Cole Clarke (1)
Faith (1)
Fender (2)
Freshman (1)
Gibson (1)
Godin (1)
Gretsch (1)
Hartke (1)
Hofner (1)
Manuel Rodriguez (1)
Ozark (1)
Peavey (2)
Tanglewood (1)
Unbranded (3)
Yamaha (1)
 Acoustic Guitars (2)
 Acoustic Guitars - Electro (5)
 Amps - Acoustic and Portable (1)
 Amps - Guitar Combos (1)
 Amps Bass Heads and Cabs (1)
 Banjos (1)
 Bass Guitars (1)
 Classical Guitars - Acoustic (1)
 Classical Guitars - Electro (2)
 Electric Guitar Effects (1)
 Electric Guitars - Semi and Hollow (2)
 Electric Guitars - Solid Body (1)
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