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Dansal Peak

Product Code: DANSAL1
Signed copy of the first Novel by young Author, and one time Guitarzone Saturday boy David Fairley. Gripping fantasy adventure!
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This is a signed copy of Dansal Peak by David Fairley.



‘When all the world is covered in darkness, the fate of one will change the world forever’

It has been many years since the fall of Dansal Peak to the Necromancer and his armies. Dispelled from the world during its fall, the Necromancer is slowly recovering and grows in strength, and prepares an assault to cover the world in shadow once and for all. 

Elarin was only a small child when he saw his mother murdered before his eyes during the pillaging of his homeland that night. Now, the Necromancer comes forward again, and events are set in motion that will lead Elarin on an unknown path, facing him with the very evil that killed his mother. Nothing is as it seems in this world, and the most unlikely of heroes must forge his destiny as he confronts the darkness that stretches out to consume the world, and the darkness within himself… 

An amazing read and inspiration to all those out there who want to publish a book. Book 2 is already being written!

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