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Greenhouse Effects NoBrainer Distortion Pedal

Product Code: GHouseNobrainer
The Nobrainer is a multi-functional rock and metal war machine that will please your need for distortion.
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Greenhouse Effects NoBrainer Distortion Pedal


Awesome hand made pedals - fast becoming Guitarzone favourites!

A wide range of gain is at your hand. from thick British crunch through 80's hot roded tube amp sounds into total metal mayhem.  two interactive tone controls (Tone & Mid) gives this pedal endless  distortion flavors and sweet spots. use them in conjunction and tune  in your sound. you can also switch them off by turning the tone knob all the way down and using the Mid knob as a standard passive tone control this gives you a more open distortion with lots of headroom, that can boost the gain of a dirty amp without overpowering it.


  • Carefully voiced to fit most hard rock to metal styles 
  • Extreme tonal versatility with minimum knobs 
  • Bass frequencies remain tight all over the tonal spectrum (excellent for palm-muting) 
  • Good gain to noise ratio 
  • True Bypass


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